Photographs by Emily Torch, Posted in Loving Memory

On June 30, 2020, Emily Mohler, her 3 year-old daughter Piper, and her boyfriend, Cody Nevins were attacked by her abusive ex-husband and murdered at their home in Olney, Montana. Emily was a much-loved free spirit, a photographer for Levitation Nation, an aerialist, and a gold smith.

Emily was one of our very favorite photographers to work with. She had a knack for capturing aerials because she was a practicing aerialist herself and understood the poses. Emily was first with Khorus Eye Photography, so in the beginning years we worked with her, photos we posted under that name. But last year, she split from her abuser / husband and he kept the business name. So, we were helping her get established under her new chosen photography name, Emily Torch, ("Torch" since she was also a talented goldsmith). These photos were all captured by her and are published in loving memory of her.

This tragedy is deeply felt by the Levitation Nation Community, and our hearts go out to the entire Flathead Community who is grieving this loss as well. If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence, the Abbie Shelter operates a 24-hour crisis helpline at (406) 752-7273. Additional information can be found at