Studio Policies


  • No streets shoes on the equipment, please.

  • For pole fitness, athletic base layers (dance shorts, sports bras) are required, and knee pads are great if you have them!

  • For aerial hoop or aerial fabric (silks or hammock) classes, leggings are recommended to protect your skin from getting irritated by the apparatus. No baggy clothing & shirts long enough to be tucked in.

  • All jewelry and watches must be removed before class. Piercings must be removed or covered with tape in such a way that they cannot snag or be caught on clothing, etc.

  • All hair that is long enough to swing in front of the face must be secured.

  • We appreciate you making sure your hands & feet are clean to help us keep the silks & hoops clean.


For info on COVID-19 policies, visit here.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • We appreciate your understanding that all sales are final.

  • We are a small space and often turn people away in order to hold a spot for you. Therefore, if you can please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel, we would be very grateful. We will accommodate refunds for bookings as long as you cancel at least 24 hours before a class. You can manage/cancel your bookings on our website under your profile.

  • Punch cards are valid for 6 months after the time of purchase.

Child Enrollment

If your child has never filled out a registration form before (or if they have but some of their information has changed), please done one of the following:

Studio Usage/Safety

  • Be courteous towards others and share our small but awesome space.

  • Open studio times are for practicing skills you have been taught in classes. Please do not use equipment you have not been trained on.

  • Please do not teach in the space without permission. Skill sharing is okay among students of similar skill levels, but only an instructor may teach new skills to participants.

  • Please return all equipment to where you found it. If you move mats, move them back. Return grip aid to where it is stored, etc.

  • Most importantly, have fun!