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Bachelorette Parties/

Ladies Night Out

1 hour lesson:

$150 Group of 1-4
+ $50 Group of 5-8

1.5 hour lesson:

$200 Group of 1-4

+ $50 Group of 5-8

Come celebrate & be empowered with your girlfriends in an exotic chair or pole fitness workshop! Learn flirty moves (including sexy walks and spins), and some simple choreography in a night you will never forget! This is about having fun and getting in touch with your sexy side! 

Blacklight Parties

1.5 hr party (includes 45 min. lesson)

$150 Group of 1-4
+ $50 Group of 5-8 

+ $150 Groups up to 14

Glowkit (plates & forks, sticks & paint)


In our black-lit studio, our glow parties are for kids of any and all ages! There are many different options for these popular parties! Rent our room for your own activities, or take a "glow with the flow" aerial or yoga lesson! "Glowing" cake table included in all bookings!

Kids at a Blacklight Party
Women in Heels
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