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Clothing / Costumes

For pole wear, Mindy is honored to serve as Brand Ambassador, for Dragonfly sportswear. Their clothing offers the best quality & great coverage, and is so comfy!

For silks & aerial hoop performance wear, we buy frequently from Discount Dance. Enter our teacher code (TP78565) at check out for extra savings for you & credits for our studio.

For pole heels, we recommend Pleasers Shoes.

Levitation Nation apparel and logo gear is available for purchase at the studio. Thank you in advance for wearing our logo!

Poles  for Home Use

Our 45 mm poles are chrome except for the one stainless steel pole for those with nickel allergies. My experience with X-Pole customer service leaves me inclined to look for another vendor, but I haven't found one yet.

Aerial Hoops (Lyras)

We have more hoops than we need if you are looking to buy! $220 for your choice of any of our hoops (extra saving since you don't have to pay shipping) and it comes already taped.
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