Clothing / Costumes

For pole wear, Mindy is honored to serve as Brand Ambassador, for Dragonfly sportswear.
Please check out their clothing line - honestly so comfy & great coverage, the best quality!
For silks & aerial hoop performance wear, we buy frequently from Discount Dance.
Enter our teacher code (TP78565) at check out for extra savings for you & credits for our studio.
For festival wear, we are partnered with IHeartRaves.
Enter our studio's discount code LEVNAT10 for an extra 10% off at checkout.
To see items for sale out of the Levitation Nation costume closet, click here
Levitation Nation logo tank tops available at the studio for $15!

Poles  for Home Use

Our poles are 45 mm are chrome except for the one stainless steel pole for those of you who have nickel allergies. We have X Poles, but my experience with their customer service leaves me inclined to recommend Lupit Poles.

Aerial Hoops (Lyras)

We have more hoops than we need if you are looking to buy! $200 for your choice of any of our hoops (extra saving since you don't have to pay shipping) and it comes already taped.