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Introducing Levitation Nation Brand Ambassador Lisa Guinn

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

We welcome the entire spectrum of ages and fitness types in our studio, but I will be honest: it's rare that women in their 50's reaches out to us, which is what makes Lisa Guinn so special. At 55-years old, the mother of four (and grandmother of three) reached out to us wanting to try our pole classes with her daughter, Megan. Which, if you know Lisa, probably doesn't really come as a surprise since Lisa is the embodiment of eternal youth whose motto is "It's never too late to try something new!"

Lisa's interests outside the studio include riding motorcycles, boating, hiking, riding bikes, traveling, cooking, working out and photography...a sure sign that the fountain of youth can be found simply by staying active and staying playful. Here is what she has to say about her practice at Levitation Nation: "I had an idea to sign up for pole classes with my daughter. I am NOT a dancer or very coordinated, but I wanted a challenge. I needed to do something so that I could keep up with my grandsons. I wanted to be able to play and swing them around and I thought this would be fun challenge but would also be a great workout. The instructors at Levitation Nation are amazing! I love how it has changed my body, my strength, and my confidence in a lot of ways. I love the people there and the empowerment you feel. We get a ton of support from everyone who is part of the studio community. There is never any judgment, just love. “A big part for me is being able to see the gains. One day you can't invert and the next you can. For me, the progress you make is very clear verses working out at the gym, where the progress isn't quite as tangible for me." When asked if she has any suggestions for our younger members about staying youthful/fit, Lisa says "Start now and don't stop. I had always worked out and stayed active for the majority of my life, then stopped for about five years. It is much easier to just keep things going then to start over. Stretch, stretch, stretch to stay limber! Exercise greatly enriches your life both physically and mentally, so find something you love to do and do that!"

We 100% agree with Lisa on all of this, so if you aren't already training with us, we encourage you to book a class. After all, you will never know what passions might unfold from trying a single class if you never make it through the front door! If you have questions about where to begin your aerial/pole journey, please reach out.

Lisa, thanks for keeping us inspired! #goals

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