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Meet Bailey (McCarvel) Plympton: Aerial Extraordinaire, Epilepsy Warrior, Mother of Twins

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Bailey has been training with Levitation Nation since September of 2017, and has been an instructor for Levitation Nation since 2019. She found our studio in what she describes as a “particularly difficult year in her life,” just after her Epilepsy diagnosis. Bailey is a talented aerialist on all aerial apparatuses, as well as a pole artist; and carries the titles of 1st place duetist (with doubles partner Kerris Morgan) and 3rd place soloist in Montana's first ever pole competition hosted by the Fox Club Cabaret.

Bailey says “I had fears of never being ‘strong enough’ for most of my life, and it kept me from participating in any type of strength training or exercise. From the first day I discovered Levitation Nation, I found a community of individuals from all walks of life with many stories of overcoming difficulties, all while supporting and inspiring each other. I immediately felt so empowered there. There was no shame or judgment; only acceptance and encouragement.”

Bailey used her aerial practice to improve her strength and health, and she talks now of how it helped her take control and show Epilepsy “who the real boss is.”

As if training aerials while battling Epilepsy isn’t inspiring enough in of itself, Bailey trained at the studio until she was seven months pregnant with twins. She welcomed healthy babies Hudson and Iyla into the world in April 2020. After taking a year off with her newborns, we were so excited for Bailey to make her return to teaching in March 2021.

As the mother of twins, Bailey acknowledges how hard it can be to make time for self-care and a fitness practice. She says “I always remember the saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup. This is especially true with tackling life with twins. Even though I want to give every ounce of my energy and time to them, I have to be very careful to make time for myself mentally, physically, in all aspects. Making sure I have time to myself ensures that I have a ‘full cup’ to pour from, for my family and community. Choosing and creating a healthy and active lifestyle for myself ensures that for my twins as well.”

When asked if she had anything else she wanted our readers to know, she said “I fully believe that if I can do aerials, anyone can. I will be forever grateful for the incredible community of individuals who have made Levitation Nation what it is today; and I will continuously strive to empower and support my students, as my instructors empowered me when I began my aerial journey.”

Bailey is currently teaching aerial hoop Tuesdays at 8pm, but you can often find her subbing other classes since she is a practitioner on all the apparatuses (including pole, aerial silks, and stilt-walking). Click here to get a spot booked in one of her classes today!

Photos by Emily Mohler and JMK Photography.


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