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Levitation Nation's Pole Student Showcase:

The prevalence of pole in dance recitals and athletic competitions is gaining major traction. You can now find pole acts in shows such as the world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil and the Super Bowl Half-Time, and in major athletic competitions like the Arnold [Schwarzenegger] Classic. In fact, pole has become so large that an entire organization (the Pole Sport Organization) was founded to oversee pole-only competitions; and in 2020, the Global Association of International Sports Federation officially recognized pole dancing as a sport and was reviewing it to become an Olympic sport in 2024.  

In the Flathead Valley, while we pride ourselves on keeping our acts "clean" to help break through the stigma that pole once had around it, we are challenged in convincing everyone to see pole the way we do. Also, we feel it's a disservice to our student’s creativity to ask them to play small so as to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Therefore, we are excited to offer this pole-only student showcase; separated out from our aerial showcase. This is an opportunity for students to rock out in 7” heels (should they choose to) judgement- and worry-free. No longer do you have to contain your passion just because someone once said “you shouldn’t.” If you are ready to play BIG, live authentically, honest, and raw; click here to read up on performer requirements.

This incredible showcase will be held in our own studio, Saturday, April 16th, 2022.

Doors open at 7:00 pm, Pole Acts start at 7:30 pm.
Limited Capacity - get your tickets now before they are gone. Ticket sales end April 15th, 2022.



Thank you ALWAYS for your support!

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